Alex Carbray

Alex Carbray

Alex Carbray, is an Artist, Carpenter and man of many talents.

Showing an extraordinary talent for art at a young age, he won many awards and was top in his class during his academic years in high school and college earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Art.

During his 20’s, he studied construction carpentry and worked as a framer. In which time he painted and developed a fondness for furniture building; building many high end, sought after pieces. He is a respected and admired member in the furniture building community.

His furniture style illuminates a rustic and rugged ambiance. With a diverse range of elements, Alex skillfully weaves immaculate works which are pleasing to both men and women alike and can bring any home together.

His art style is known to be brave, bold and versatile; It speaks to the inner self expression in all of us.

Alex’s art

Alex Carbray -
“John McClane”
Alex Carbray - 3 Framed Prints Combo
Flames Favourites Trio
Alex Carbray -
“The Fundies”
Alex Carbray -
“The Batman”
Alex Carbray - Pennywise
Alex Carbray – Pennywise

Alex Carbray – “The Fundies” – Framed Print