100 Years Music Stable

100 Years Music Stable has become something much more prolific than Owner Logan James’ original vision. What started out as a group of talented musicians performing and recording professional music has burst into a very exciting full fledged platform for dreams and inspirations to take shape. These ideas and inventions live and breathe in The Stable.

We have released Singles, EPs, full length Albums, Greatest Hits records, Music Videos, Merchandise, you name it.. And now! We are ecstatic to introduce our new Art Division featuring Alex Carbray! Alex is a very talented, hard working Artist who not only produces art in many different mediums, but is also a Journeyman Carpenter who turns his creativity towards decorative, high end furniture.

Logan James continues to produce music at the highest level, his song-writing speaks to the soul and his songs are always musically stunning, boasting his all-star hand picked band!

Don’t forget long time leaders in the blues, Apollo Cruz out of Saskatoon! These guys have been tearing it up and are known to put on one of the best live shows in all of Canada!

100 Years Music Stable helps groups with our knowledge, expertise, connections and promotion when it comes to recording and releasing music. These same services now apply to artists in the same capacity.

Music. Art. Inspiration.

100 Years Music Stable.